The Story of VR Shooting Turret Adventure

A week ago, our geologists found a strange stone. The stone radiated heat and a small glow. Since geologists could not determine the rock, it was passed on to scientists.
Four days ago, scientists found little radio-magnetic radiation from that stone. The day was spent on analyzing the radiation spectrum. It turned out that the radiation has a pulsating character.
Three days ago, scientists realized that it was a beacon and it started when it was tried to split to find out the composition of the stone. They can not decode the signal, it’s impossible to drown it.
Two days ago strange asteroids flew into our planetary system, the asteroids course is directed to our Home planet. Urgent convened military council, you need to figure out how to destroy or reject asteroids off course. It was decided to launch all of the carrier rockets on a collision course.
Yesterday they calculated the course of missiles, launched two waves. Waiting at 12 o’clock is tedious. The missiles reached their goal and disappeared from the radar. We are seeing a slowdown in the speed of asteroids. They approach the orbit of our moons. For some minutes, the two moons disappeared. Now I understand who called the beacon … I hate scientists … They called death. There are no demands, intentions are incomprehensible, they simply kills and destroys everything around. The alien troopers destroys cities, our resistance.
It is clear that we can not save the planet. I enter the group of the elect, who will be sent to the surviving moon. We’ll break up the camp. It’s good that we colonized this moon and even left there an experimental weapon. I hope this is not the last entry in the my diary. The ship leaves, I ran.
Save our souls.

Battle 0

Today was a successful fight, I cantuzed the enemy. I could drag them to the base, let these laboratory rats study. Can receive an artifact to create a new weapon or technology. Scientists are happy, but I don’t care, I want to drink some firewater and sleep …
The new turret is awesome, but you just have to turn your head around 360 degree.

Battle 1

Shit happens, terrible messages come from the asteroid VR00001. Squad Alpha, conducting reconnaissance, forehead collided with the enemy in the forehead. The enemy is well entrenched. Turrets mow our brother. We are losing solders. Command ordered to immediately land on the asteroid rescue team, they have a new turret, can you handle it? Excellent! Then give them a light and save all those who survived. And yet, when finished, take away from these renegades all their provisions, batteries and weapons. Good luck!

Battle 2

According to our intelligence on the neighboring planet VR666, the enemy placed powerful turrets with a charge that could cause serious damage to the station. The planet is covered with snow and there is a hell of a cold, but it does not seem to stop them. Not one rocket from this piece of ice should not fly to the VRmacht! That’s an order! Destroying the missiles, you do damage to the turrets themselves. We choosed the best for this mission. You did well on the asteroid, I hope we were not mistaken in you, soldier!

Battle 3

Battle 4

The enemy captured our warehouse on one of the asteroid. All that it uses against us and we must stop it! After the damage, the teleporter works strange, the way to home you will need to find by yourself. Shoot the boxes by your turret, behind them may be portals.